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Life Insurance

The uses for term life insurance policies are being explored now more than ever. With adults changing careers and income levels more than ever before, there is real practicality in buying a life insurance policy that will pay off a home mortgage, debts, or pay for children's college education if your client or your client's spouse died.

Term life is life insurance for a set length of time - 10 to 30 years.

It works like this: If your client buys a 20-year term policy and they die before the 20 years ends, their beneficiaries receive payment from the policy. If your client doesn't die, they do not receive anything. This structure keeps the cost of these policies low compared to other types of life insurance. And it lets you target a policy suited to your client's needs.

Figuring out which term to purchase requires reviewing your debts and financial needs, and your dependents' needs, and the timelines on each of those. You should also consider major obligations, like mortgages, and at how much money your family would need to pay them off.

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